You poke through all the nooks and crannies until at last you find a steaming cup of fair-trade, shade-grown coffee. You hurry back to the stranger and give it to him. He smiles, sips, and begins furiously rewriting code. A few minutes later he looks up. "We are good to go," he says as he grabs your hand and the two of you slide into the crack. Instantly the rock face melds around your body and you effortlessly ascend into the sunlight.

Standing on a grassy knoll, soaking up the rays of the newly risen sun, you finally think to ask the stranger his name. "David Siglin," he says, "and I'm currently looking for a design role where I can make things that matter."

"That's interesting" you say, "I'm looking to hire a designer. I think . . .

you'd be a great fit."
you should keep looking."